How To Bet on Illinois NFL Football Teams Legally and Securely

The NFL betting lines present at legal sportsbooks both online and offline represent a huge segment of the sports betting industry and of Illinois football betting. The love and devotion fans hold for NFL teams, players and events clearly translates into their sportsbook wagering entertainment. This truth encompasses bettors from all over the nation, including those in Illinois. This Illinois NFL football betting guide is designed to assist bettors in the Prairie State in making informed decisions concerning their legal gambling options and the selection of a reputable and legitimate Illinois NFL football betting site at which to participate. Home to the popular Chicago Bears, bettors in the state are extremely supportive of their home team, though we suspect their betting action is driven more by performance and odds than home team devotion. This guide will provide helpful information to sports bettors regardless of which teams they follow, and point you towards the industry leading Illinois Sportsbook betting options. Due to the strong support of college football in the Prairie State, we have also included a Illinois College Football Betting Guide. We have recently expanded our guide to include pages dedicated to top football teams in the state, including a guide for betting on the Chicago Bears, betting on the Illinois Fighting Illini, as well as a page covering betting on Northwestern Illinois Wildcats football.

best Illinois NFL football betting sites

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BetOnline Sportsbook $1000 5Stars Visit Site
Bookmaker Sportsbook $2500 5Stars Visit Site $1000 5Stars Visit Site

Is It Legal To Bet On NFL Football In Illinois?

The key to ensuring that you are engaging in a legal online sports betting operation comes down to being highly selective when choosing which Illinois NFL football betting site you will join when betting on the Chicago Bears or any NFL football team. Performing your due diligence in this respect is critical. To assist you in this, our team of online sports betting professionals has already done a lot of the leg work for you. We've taken all of the potential sportsbook brands and placed them through a very intense review process that effectively determines their legal status and their value to the industry. It is a long and complex process, but well worth the effort if it effectively prevents bettors from landing at questionable sports betting destinations that place them at risk. Our recommendations are derived from the results of our professional evaluations of each sportsbook, and only include the most trusted, secure and reputable options that are legally licensed to offer their betting services to gamblers in Illinois and the US in general. By limiting your NFL football betting to these legal sports betting sites recommended in this guide, you are ensuing that you are engaged in gambling entertainment that is completely legal.

What Types of Betting Lines and Wagering Options are Available for Betting on NFL Football in Illinois?

You will find a substantial selection of betting lines and wagering options at all of our recommended sites. They include lines on all NFL football games, pre-season events, and post season playoff and championship games. Wagering options include parlays, over/under, futures, player, team and game props, and special features such as live betting and live in play betting. The betting lines offered at the brands you see listed on this page have all been analyzed and compared to the lines at other online and offline sportsbooks and the odds have been compared to Vegas odds to ensure that the betting lines, pay lines and odds are all in line with industry standards. Compliance with fair gaming practices is a requirement for inclusion in our guide.

Will We See State Based Options to Bet on NFL Football in Illinois?

While Illinois is fairly pro-gambling, they still are subject to US federal laws which govern sports betting in the United States. At this time, these laws do not permit sports betting in the USA other than those select destinations excluded from this law, such as Nevada and Delaware. Some other states offer legal sports betting options via gambling cruise initiatives that enter International waters and can hence legally offer these options to their guests. Outside of those few options, it is illegal to establish any sports betting related businesses in the US. NJ has recently challenged this anti-sports gambling setup by the federal government, and was unsuccessful in doing so. They also faced very strong opposition by major sports leagues in the US, including the NFL, NBA, MLB and NCAA. Based on all of these recent events, it is highly unlikely that Illinois will be able to offer state regulated sports betting options anytime soon. Thankfully the licensed and regulated offshore sports betting sites discussed throughout this guide fill that void very nicely and legally.