Betting NBA Basketball In Illinois

Illinois NBA bettors can count on the Chicago Bulls each year to be a division and conference contender. Ever since the championship days of Michael Jordan, the team has usually delivered top-tier talent. As the only Illinois NBA team, the Bulls in recent years have been led by MVP candidate Derrick Rose. But as an Illinois basketball bettor, you do not have to focus your attention on just Illinois NBA play. The top Internet sportsbooks which legally support NBA betting offer spread, totals, money line and other wagering options on all 30 franchises. We have included a detailed guide to betting on the Chicago Bulls for Illinois basketball fans interested in the professional side of the sport. Other segments of our coverage of Illinois basketball betting include pages on some of the prominent Illinois college basketball teams, including a guide to betting on the Northwestern Wildcats basketball team, the University of Illinois Fighting Illini basketball team, and the Southern Illinois Salukis basketball team.

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Tips on Betting the NBA Playoffs for Illinois Sports Bettors

Game 3 Home Team in Playoffs Down 0 - 2

One significant edge for NBA bettors occurs in the playoffs some years. In a game 3 situation when the home team is down 0 - 2 in the series, that must-win heat has produced a record of 34 - 20 straight up when you bet on that home squad. While that is impressive, the numbers against the spread are nice as well. When the home team desperately needs a win to keep from going down 0 - 3, betting on that must-win scenario shows that the smart bet is to take the home team, whether laying or getting points. Home team ATS game 3 bets where the home team has already lost the first 2 games of the series in the NBA playoffs has produced a 34 - 19 - 1 scenario. That is an extremely attractive 62.96% winning rate when you wager on the 0 - 2 home team, something that any smart basketball bettor will take advantage of.

Game 4 Home Team in Playoffs Down 0 - 3

We just pointed out a situation where a must-win team responds nearly 2/3 of the time. But what happens when a game 4 home team in the playoffs is down 0 - 3 in the series? Do they buckle down and get the job done just like in the previous scenario? Illinois basketball bettors need to take advantage of the fact that this scenario, which has occurred 15 times in NBA playoff history from 200 - 2006, shows the underdog home team folding like a beach chair most of the time. In game 4, down 0 - 3 in a series, the home team has managed just a 5 - 9 - 1 record ATS. That 66.66 % losing rate means that the team up 3 - 0 on the road in game 4 NBA playoff situations is probably the smaller bet.

Game 7

Smart Illinois NBA bettors are always looking for an edge. An advantage. Something they can continue to depend on time and time again whenever it appears. Let us look at the always exciting game 7 scenario. From the 2000 through 2006 NBA playoff seasons, 19 game 7s were played. In that situation the home team was an average 4.5 point favorite. And they ended up 11 - 7 - 1 ATS, for a winning percentage of 57.89%, another very attractive situation for Illinois basketball bettors.

Some Revealing NBA Team Trends ATS Since 2003

10 games into the NBA season of 2014 - 15, some interesting betting trends reveal themselves. Going back to 2003, the consistently strong San Antonio Spurs have posted a very attractive 552 - 484 - 23 ATS record. That is good for a 53.3% winning percentage. At the other end of the spectrum are the Minnesota Timberwolves. Since 2003 Minnesota has posted just a 420 - 483 - 11 record (46.5%). Denver has managed to cover 52.8% of its games against the spread during that same time period, Golden State is strong at 52.7% and Oklahoma City has made you a winner 52.6% of the time when you took the Thunder and placed a spread wager since 2003.

(research taken from the 2000 through 2006 NBA playoffs and compiled by an NBA bettor)

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